Rhos housing development, South Wales

Rhos-receptors-planA landscape and visual appraisal was produced for a proposed housing development in the northern part of the settlement of Rhos, Pontardawe.

The purpose of the appraisal was to inform and support the identification of the site as a housing allocation in the recently published Neath Port Talbot Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP), from a landscape and visual perspective.

The appraisal therefore considered the landscape and visual issues associated with such an allocation in the LDP and included advice on suitability of the site for housing, identified any key opportunities and constraints and proposed mitigation measures which aimed to avoid, reduce or compensate for any effects. Mitigation through design during the earliest stages was critical in reducing the potential landscape and visual effects of the proposed development and ensured that the site was an acceptable location for housing development for inclusion within the LDP.

Going forward, the appraisal was used to inform and influence any future planning application for residential development of the site.