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[quote type=”medium” align=”left”]Amalgam Landscape has the highest integrity, professionalism and are without doubt one of the leading experts on LVIA!  Top qualities: Great Results, Experts, High Integrity.[/quote]

Aspire Planning and design - A proud client of Amalgam LandscapeJames Davis
Director, Aspire Planning, Bristol

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[quote type=”medium” align=”left”]Angela is a dedicated and conscientious landscape architect who produces excellent work.[/quote]

Atkins Engineering & design - proud clients of Amalgam LandscapeNeil Watson
Principal Landscape Architect, Atkins Consulting, Epsom

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[quote type=”medium” align=”left”]Alan is not only personable, but a trustworthy professional with an in depth knowledge of contractual and environmental issues who I have had the pleasure of working with on a very complex project.[/quote]

Highways Agency - a proud client of AmalgamHenry Penner
Senior Environmental Advisor, Highways Agency

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[quote type=”medium” align=”left”]Amalgam Landscape has completed a number of landscape and visual assessments for our single wind turbine projects. They have completed the work diligently and professionally. They are very thorough and have completed large amounts of work for us to meet our tight deadlines without compromise to the quality of work.
In particular we have been impressed with their experience in evaluating/appraising the landscape character of our projects. They are also very flexible with our requirements due to the stop/start nature of the projects we work on, which has been of great assistance to us. We are certainly happy to continue to use Amalgam Landscape on our forthcoming projects.[/quote]

One Wind Renewables - A proud client of AmalgamRob Paul
Director, One Wind Renewables, Bristol